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Extruded tubes in plastic materials

Extruded plastic tubes

Extruded tubes can be used in all cases where reliability and precision are required, for example inside sheaths. Our products are manufactured in accordance with current regulations.

Extruded tubes in polyamide (PA) - polyethylene (PE) - polyoxymethylene (POM) - polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

  • Extruded tubes of polyamide (PA), (PA 6, PA 6-6, PA 12, PA 12 c / MoS2)
  • Polyethylene tubes (PE) (PEHD, PELD)
  • Polyoxymethylene pipes (POM, POM + PP, POM + PELD)
  • Tubes in polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

The dimensions of the extruded plastic tubes of our production can vary from a minimum internal diameter of 1 mm to a maximum external diameter of 16 mm.

Tolerances and colour are agreed with the customer and according to the technical specifications of the application. For special requirements, it is also possible to produce tubes in plastics materials different from those in the catalogue.

The precision in the internal and external diameters and the low friction guaranteed by a particularly smooth surface, both on

the inside and on the outside, make extruded plastic tubes a quality choice.

The extruded plastic tubes allow the sliding of control cables (examples: automotive sector / linkage). The same can also be used inside push-pull sheaths.

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